Homepod Mini

Possibly the right device at the right price. I like the overall idea of the original HomePod, but simply could not justify the price. Now, I can consider eventually getting two to pair with an Apple TV. I just hope it sounds good.

iPhone 12

I’m so glad we’re going back to the squared off sides. The round sides never felt great to me. I think I’ll get iPhone 12 Mini, but Apple should have done better with pricing.

There is much rejoicing for the return of MagSafe, and for good reason. However, Apple should have tossed the cost savings of removing AirPods and chargers from the iPhone packaging towards the customer. Instead the prices have gone up. The advantages to the environment should be clear, but I feel sorry for all of the retail workers who have to deal with angry customers who have to come back to buy a USB-C charger.