Juli Clover at Macrumors:

Apple promised to continue offering service and parts for AirPort Base stations for the next five years, which includes firmware updates to address security issues.

I had a Linksys EA7500 with all the dual-band, 1.9Gbps MU-MIMO WiFi features. It would often stop working, forcing me to perform a hard reset and the wait for it to inevitably crap out again. It’s last firmware update was 8/29/18, and it’s not comparable with Open-WRT.

The last time it stopped working, I gave up and set out for a new router. I live in a small apartment and don’t need anything fancy. Most of my devices are wired via Ethernet, with my phone and iPad using WiFi.

A local buy/sell/trade store had a stack of 2011-12 Airport Extreme’s for $10 with a 30-day return policy. I took the chance and got the newest one they had. It’s been working like a champ since I got it, and it just received a security update! Amazing.