This is a great move. As reported by Engadget, Anandtech calls it “nothing short of the biggest [improvement] I’ve ever seen come across in an OTA update.”

But there’s a problem inherent with all Android updates:

The refresh, which is so far getting pushed out to T-Mobile phones – we expect it to roll out to other carriers as soon as each one is done testing the new firmware, though nothing is currently confirmed…

This is perhaps the biggest stumbling block when it comes to recommending an Android phone. I had the same problem when I used Blackberry, and look how all that turned out.

With Apple, OS updates may be slightly staggered, but they are not dictated by a carrier. Where Blackberry updates would take months to land on customers phones, iOS updates are a available within roughly a day or so of its release.

And it works. Apple announced today that 200 million devices have already been updated to iOS 7. With that news, developers know there’s already a massive market that’s waiting for them to use the absolute latest features brought by iOS.

So whether it’s enjoying all the new features baked in to iOS, or finding that great app made by a lone developer, all this makes for an incredibly exciting environment to spend your time.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on my iPhone and iPad reading, communicating, and writing for this site. And I know I can do so with all the latest and most innovative software, as securely as possible. I don’t think that’s true with Android, at least not yet. These facts made it easy to choose and iPhone over Blackberry, and it’s those that continue keeping me from choosing Android.